SOCKSHOP Lazy Panda 4 Pair Essential Everyday Leisure Weight Bamboo Socks

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Save on socks with our big value multipacks of Lazy Panda Essential Everyday Leisure Weight Bamboo Socks! With four pairs of colourful bamboo-rich socks in every pack, and with mixed and single-shade sets to choose from, you’ll be sure to be comfortable and cosy, whatever you’re doing and wherever you wear them. They’re impeccably produced with Smooth Linked smooth toe seams, so they don’t rub or irritate skin. Leisure weight is a touch thicker than a fine gauge style sock, so these are perfect for your casual boots and shoes.

Available in two men’s sizes and ladies’ sizes too, everyone can enjoy the naturally soft, silky feel of these leisure weight bamboo socks. And we do mean EVERYONE — as gently rounded bamboo fibres are hypoallergenic, socks made from them are ideal for all skin types, even sensitive ones.

A sustainable source for fabric production, bamboo has lots of beneficial properties. It can be grown without pesticides, because bamboo is inherently antibacterial, which along with its exceptional moisture absorption means your feet stay drier and fresher through the day. The smart bamboo fibres can thermoregulate themselves, constantly adjusting to maintain a consistent temperature for your feet. As eco-friendly as possible, these Lazy Panda bamboo socks come to you in fully recyclable packaging.