Mens 5 Pair SOCKSHOP Wild Feet Bamboo Trainer Socks

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A five-pair multipack, these SOCKSHOP Wild Feet Bamboo Trainer Socks offer a great value way to stock up on quality bamboo-rich socks to wear with all your trainers and sports shoes. These men’s ankle high socks are fine gauge and non-cushioned, so they are light, low bulk material and won’t give you that ‘too-tight’ feeling in close-fitting trainers.

Bamboo makes a great choice for sports-style socks. Naturally cool, very soft and comfortable next to the skin and highly breathable, bamboo’s silky-feel smooth fibres are skin-friendly no matter what your skin type is. Three times more moisture absorbing than cotton fibre, bamboo wicks away dampness and keeps feet feeling dry (particularly good for often-sweaty trainers and any shoes with synthetic uppers). It’s also naturally thermoregulating, keeping the climate inside the socks a steady, cool temperature.

Bamboo’s got a ‘feel-good’ factor for the environment. Sustainable, fast growing and naturally antibacterial, bamboo needs no pesticides, and less water and space than most crops. A field of bamboo can give off 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than a comparably-sized field of trees.