Compressport 1 Pair High Cut V3.0 Racing Bike Socks

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Thermo-aerated and with naturally antibacterial, thermo-regulating bamboo fibre added, these mesh design Compressport High Cut V3.0 Bike Racing Socks inhibit fungal infection, encourage cooler, fresher feet and help avoid overheating during intense cycling.

Careful compression and acupressure, positioned anatomically for each foot, optimises blood circulation and improves support for stability and posture. A seamless, non-elastic hem halts any potential ‘tourniquet’ effect on calves, leaving targeted pressure where it is intended, stimulating blood flow upwards from the sole by a system of ventilated, cushioned 3D dots that massage as they protect.

The multifunctional dot structures are woven in the Achilles, ball and heel of the foot, adding protection and grip, as well as creating water extraction points to wick moisture. The arch of the foot is supported and stimulated at the same time by compression banding.